Madame Ana Padva is a character in The Night Circus. She is a retired prima ballerina and the costume designer for The Night Circus.


She is a retired Romanian prima ballerina who was good friends with Chandresh's mother. Chandresh called her "Tante" (meaning "aunt") as child and continues to do so into his adult years. She is a stately woman, still carrying the grace she did as a dancer. Due to her impeccable sense of style, she is selected by Chandresh as the official costume designer for The Night Circus. Her unique and coveted eye for fashion has provided her with a sizeable income since her retirement from the ballet.

"The woman is a magician with clothing, the papers say... Mme. Padva dismisses these comments, though she does joke that with enough silk and an industrial-strength corset she could make Chandresh himself pass for the most fashionable of ladies."

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